2013 Consulting Summary

REMI consultants enjoyed a busy and fruitful 2013, completing multiple projects that addressed critical subjects such as health care and economic development.

As part of its consulting services, REMI employs its economic modeling tools to provide clients with reliable and unbiased analysis. Early last year, we examined the likely effects of expanding Medicaid on state economies. REMI carried out Medicaid studies for several states, providing insight into the potential economic impact of expansion in each state.

Over the course of the year, the company’s consulting projects continued with studies on the Big River Steel mill for the Arkansas legislature and carbon taxes in Massachusetts for Committee for a Green Economy. Our latest study was a three-part examination into the possible ramifications of expanding gaming in Florida, conducted in partnership with Spectrum Gaming Group and on behalf of the state legislature.

In general, last year’s studies and corresponding testimony have played an important role in furthering REMI’s mission to better inform public policy decision-making through quantitative analysis.