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REMI Presenting at FTA’s Revenue Estimating Conference 9/26

REMI Economist Peter Evangelakis, Ph.D., will give a presentation on dynamic revenue analysis at the Federation of Tax Administrators’ 2017 Revenue Estimating Conference, which will be held September 23-27 in Omaha, Nebraska. He will present “Estimating Dynamic Revenue Using REMI Tax-PI” on September 26th as part of the conference’s Solution Series, demonstrating REMI’s leading tax […]

Dr. Treyz to Present on Infrastructure Investment at NABE

REMI Chief Economist participating in a session titled “Prioritizing Infrastructure Investment”

The Economics of Renewable Energy

  In December 2015, Congress extended federal wind and solar tax credits, providing support for growing renewable energy industries. The Natural Resources Defense Council released a report on the tax credit extensions in March, titled “Engine of Growth: The Extensions of Renewable Energy Tax Credits Will Power Huge Gains in the Clean Energy Economy”. The organization […]

Minimum Wage Stirs Maximum Controversy

There’s no magic bullet to solve thorny policy questions. Minimum wage is an increasingly popular way to tackle income stagnation and inequality, but it requires a trade-off: higher wages will cause some degree of job loss. After the District of Columbia instituted a minimum wage hike earlier this year, the city needed to understand how […]

Ann Arbor Transportation and Economic Development Conference

REMI users and economic analysts recently gathered in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a conference on transportation and economic development. Presenters used the REMI model to forecast the impacts of changes in demographics, tax policy, and infrastructure in the Great Lakes region.

Regional Impact of Defense Contracting

As the Trump administration seeks an increase in military spending for next year’s budget, regions in the U.S. with a large presence of defense contractors must evaluate the potential economic impacts of an influx of tax dollars.

REMI Washington DC Luncheon: Energy Efficiency Incentives

The use of tax deductions to promote energy efficiency inspired an in-depth discussion at REMI’s most recent Washington DC policy luncheon.

Energy, Economy, and the Environment Conference

REMI recently welcomed economic impact analysts and guests to our headquarters in Amherst, MA for an annual policy and training conference. Guest speakers and REMI associates presented a variety of topics related to this year’s theme, “Policy in the Trump Era: Energy, Economy, and the Environment.”

DC Conference: Policy in the Trump Era

Experts in economic impact analysis and guests came together for REMI’s annual Washington DC conference on June 15 – 16 to hear speakers address health care reform, environmental policy, minimum wage, defense spending and other critical policy topics. The theme for this year’s event was “Policy in the Trump Era: National, State, and Regional Economic […]

How to Diversify a State Economy

As with many states and regions, Wyoming is looking for ways to strengthen its economy through diversification of industry. Gov. Matt Mead launched an initiative called ENDOW, which stands for “Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming”. At a meeting of the ENDOW Executive Council in May, two REMI staff members based in Washington D.C. – […]

Evaluating Energy-Efficiency Tax Incentive

REMI evaluated the economic impacts of extending and enhancing a federal tax incentive to encourage energy efficiency in commercial buildings. We estimated the effects on jobs, personal income, and gross domestic product from changes to the Section 179D deduction. The American Institute of Architects, which co-funded the study, announced the results this week. Please check […]

Evaluating the Impact of Local Development

When state and local policy makers want to know the impact of economic development, dynamic economic modeling can provide the answer. Through simulations, analysts can simulate the effects of a proposed development over time.

States Take Lead in Health Care

With the Affordable Care Act likely to remain largely intact for the foreseeable future, state policy makers are reconsidering their options under former President Obama’s signature law.Among the issues policy makers are revisiting is the question of whether or not to expand Medicaid. Under the ACA, states can extend health care insurance through an expansion of […]

The Debate over Border Adjustments

Tax reform is always hotly contested, as overhauling the tax code involves many moving parts and impacts many interest groups. The current debate over “destination-based” taxation is a prime example of how complicated tax reform can be.

The Case of the Missing Worker

The missing worker has been a persistent mystery shadowing the economic recovery – evidence of labor market hysteresis induced by the Great Recession.

Perspectives on Obamacare Repeal

Two analysts – Leighton Ku of George Washington University and Donald Grimes of University of Michigan – have recently published findings that offer different perspectives on the Affordable Care Act repeal using the REMI model.

State Tax Policy: Time for Change?

While state fiscal health has improved since the end of the Great Recession, many states only expect modest growth in revenue. Policy makers in state capitals across the country will continue to look for more efficient ways of collecting taxes.

Clinton vs. Trump: Pocketbook Policies

While angry arguments and raucous rallies often drown out substantive issues, serious economic questions are at stake in this election. The subtext throughout this campaign season is economic growth and income inequality.

Paying It Forward: Targeted Borrowing

When the economy is in the doldrums, the government has a few options in its tool box. One strategy is “priming the pump” by injecting the economy with government stimulus, paid for with borrowed money.

Tackling US Infrastructure Challenges

When it comes to infrastructure, Americans have a daunting “to-do” list. The U.S. must spend an estimated $3.6 trillion by 2020 to ensure our highways, water mains, electrical grids, and other critical infrastructure continue to meet our needs, according to a report by the American Society for Civil Engineers.

Manufacturing Renaissance?

Often you hear the lament that Americans no longer make anything, and jobs that once paid well have moved overseas. We yearn for the past glory of U.S. industry, and look to politicians who promise to “bring back” those jobs.

Presidential Politics and the Middle Class

Many middle class voters fear they’re falling behind in today’s economy, and both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are trying to make the case they have the right answers to these concerns.

Global trade, local impacts

International trade brings benefits and imposes costs to different regions within the U.S., and trade will no doubt remain a hot topic in this political season.

Renewable Energy and the Economy

With the debate over environmental regulations raging, it’s important to seek out research-based analysis on the economic implications of different approaches.

2016 Users’ Conference

Our guests and staff members enjoyed a successful 2016 Annual Users’ Conference in New Orleans. As is tradition, we voted on the location for next year’s Users’ Conference, and we chose Charleston, South Carolina! Our three-day event in the Big Easy was the second-most attended of any Users’ Conference in its 31-year history. The gathering […]

Eastern States Exposition Study Cites REMI

The Eastern States Exposition released today the results of a study conducted by REMI on the economic impact of its annual multi-state fair and its associated year-round events. The overall impact of the events comes out to $479 million per year, with an annual gross regional impact of $299 million, and accounts for 3,000 jobs […]

REMI Speaks at Charlotte Economics Club

Associate Economist Parker Bedsole recently spoke at a Charlotte Economics Club luncheon on the economic outlook for Mecklenburg County. Mr. Bedsole indicated that the county’s overall economic future through 2040 is promising, calling the county a “growth region” which has historically “substantially outpaced the national economy in many metrics.” For more details, please click here.

REMI, Spectrum Gaming Form Gaming Impacts Task Force

REMI recently formed a task force in conjunction with Spectrum Gaming Group for the purpose of aiding governmental agencies in assessing the potential economic impacts of opening new markets up to casino development. This task force will also include other professionals, such as noted gaming economist Douglas Walker, Ph.D.. For additional details, you may read […]

First Edition of REMI Newsletter

REMI recently published the first installment of its quarterly newsletter. This publication showcases recent major news involving REMI as well as upcoming development and a focus on a different product in each installment. The newsletter is available here in PDF format.

CAR Research Memorandum: GM Restructuring

The Center for Automotive Research has released a new research memorandum using the REMI model on the successful restructuring of General Motors. This study follows up from prior memorandums released in 2009 and 2010 which examined the impacts of the then-pending GM and Chrysler bankruptcies on the national economy.

GWU and REMI: Medicaid Expansion in MD to save $2B

A recent report by George Washington University and REMI has found that expanding Medicaid in Maryland could save the state more than $2 billion between 2014 and 2020. These savings would come in the form of direct savings to medicaid, new state revenues, and reduced spending on other health care programs. Maryland isn’t the only […]

White House Blog Cites Medicaid Expansion Study

The official White House Blog, in a discussion of Ohio’s recent vote to expand Medicaid, cited REMI’s joint study with Ohio State University, Urban Institute and the Health Policy Institute of Ohio.  You can read the post here and read the study itself here.

Nevada Demographer Projects Population Growth Using REMI

Nevada’s official demographer was able to project population growth in the state using REMI’s model. Nevada State Demographer’s Office released a report on Oct. 1 showing statewide and county-by-county population estimates from 2013 to 2032. The statewide population is expected to grow by 18 percent between this year and 2032, according to the demographer office’s […]

Recent REMI News

REMI analysis has recently been quite newsworthy. Some recent examples of this include: Big River Steel in Arkansas REMI provided analysis to lawmakers for the evaluation of the proposed Big River Steel mill in northeast Arkansas. Cheating the Future: the Price for Not Fixing Entitlements Original analysis by Third Way and Regional Economic Models, Inc. […]

George I. Treyz, 1936-2013

It is our sad duty to report the passing of REMI’s founder, Dr. George I. Treyz, at his home on February 14, 2013. George was born Feb. 21, 1936, in Callicoon, N.Y. He received his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and received a doctorate in economics from Cornell University. George showed his entrepreneurial spirit at […]

Medicaid Expansion Studies Cite REMI Analysis

A number of recent studies used REMI’s analysis of the impacts of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Please feel free to use the following links to read more: Governors Fall Away in G.O.P. Opposition to More Medicaid – The New York Times Study backs expanding Medicaid in Ohio – The Columbus Dispatch Ohio’s […]

eREMI Fiscal Cliff Impact on State Economies

REMI (Regional Economic Models, Inc.) releases the potential state-level economic impact of the “fiscal cliff,” available online here. If not resolved, the fiscal cliff could result in a loss 4.0 to 4.2 million jobs nationwide, a reduction of 350 to 400 billion dollars in gross domestic product (GDP), and an increase in the unemployment rate […]

USC Price Researchers Win First REMI Outstanding Economic Analysis Award

The USC Price School of Public Policy’s Noah Dormady, Adam Rose and Dan Wei received the first Outstanding Economic Analysis Award in recognition of their paper, “Regional macroeconomic assessment of the Pennsylvania Climate Action Plan,” published in the November 2011 issue of the journal, Regional Science: Policy and Practice. Read more about the award and […]

REMI Study on S. 2237 “Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act” for Democratic Policy and Communications Center

REMI conducted a study for the Democratic Policy and Communications Center estimating the economic impacts of S. 2237, the “Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act”. The study concludes that the bill could create about 990,592 jobs nationally, where 631,132 of those jobs would be within small businesses. The study includes total national employment results […]

University of Massachusetts Study Using REMI Cited in Sequestration Debate

A recent study by the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute on the economic impact of federal budget cuts, using the REMI model, served as a common reference for both sides of the aisle. Read more about the study here.

National Federation for Independent Businesses Study Uses REMI

Senior Data Analyst, Michael Chow, at the National Federation for Independent Business uses REMI to evaluate the economic impact of Massachusetts paid sick day legislation. Study findings report that proposed legislation could cost the state 16,000 jobs by 2016 and could decrease production by more than $8.4 billion.

REMI and the Impacts of Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene will most likely prove to be one of the 10 costliest catastrophes in the nation’s history, and analysts said that much of the damage might not be covered by insurance because it was caused not by winds but by flooding, which is excluded from many standard policies.

REMI and the Payroll Tax Break

If Congress doesn’t act to extend the expiring payroll-tax break before year’s end, the lapse won’t just affect the 160 million workers taking home a skinnier paycheck. Families trying to pinch pennies could cause a slight drop in spending, which would in turn take a bite out of businesses tied most closely to consumers’ purchases, economists predicted.

REMI and the Marketing and Communication Industry

A new study being released today on the marketing and communications industry in Massachusetts estimates that the sector contributes $38.7 billion to the state’s economy and generates 143,000 jobs.

REMI and the Pennsylvania Gas Severance Tax

A severance tax on natural gas extraction in Pennsylvania would add to the operating costs of gas drilling companies, but the resulting increase in state revenue would yield positive results for the state’s economy and population, according to a new report by two researchers at Penn State.

Krugman – Nobel for New Economic Geography, Trade

REMI extends congratulations to Dr. Krugman for winning the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in New Trade Theory and New Economic Geography. Link to NYTIMES Article Official Press Release From Nobel Website

REMI in the NEWS

Here are just a few news articles of the work done by REMI clients using our models.

Center for Automotive Research on the U.S. Automotive Industry

The CAR examines the outlook of the U.S. economy if the big 3 American Automakers were to fail. CAR Research Memorandum: The Impact on the U.S. Economy of a Major Contraction of the Detroit Three Automakers

ICF White Paper on Economic Stimulus Plan

ICF International analyzes some of the options the federal government might consider as it decides how to resuscitate the economy. A Smarter Stimulus Plan (.pdf)

REMI on the Go

Read the most recent update to the REMI blog. Blog Entry: REMI on the Go

UConn Study Uses REMI

Chief economist at the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, Stanley McMillen, uses REMI to determine UConn’s impact on the state’s economy. Study pegs UConn’s impact on state economy at $2.3 billion

NFIB Publishes Study on Employer Health Care Mandate using REMI

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) has published a study concluding that a certain employer health care mandate would lead to a net loss of 73,000 New York jobs over the next five years. More than three-fourths of those losses would come from small businesses. Lobbyists lash out against health care taxes NFIB Small […]

REMI releases PI+

With the recent release of PI+, the next generation of Policy Insight, REMI is pleased to offer a demonstration version free of charge. The demo software is available through the REMI website as well as through demo discs available upon request. Download the PI+ demo Contact us to request a demo disc

REMI Analyzes Economic Effects of Widespread Pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) raised the influenza pandemic alert for influenza A (H1N1, commonly called “swine flu”) from phase 4 to 5 as of April 29, 2009.  Fortunately, WHO claims that the world is now better prepared for a flu outbreak because of measures taken in response to the threat from avian influenza (H5N1.) […]

Center for Automotive Research releases study on automaker bankruptcies using REMI.

This study examines the detrimental effects of Automaker Bankruptcies on the U.S. Economy. Click here to read the study.

Journal Gazette Article on Center for Automotive Research Employment Study

This study examines the dramatic effects of Automaker Bankruptcies on the Indiana unemployment rates.

REMI affiliated with Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE) study.

The leaders of the research teams involved in the study are affiliated with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Regional Economic Models Inc., the University of Maryland’s INFORUM, Claremont McKenna College, the Department of Homeland Security, RMS Inc. and USC. Click here to read the article.

REMI Launches TranSight 3.0

REMI Launches TranSight 3.0 REMI is pleased to announce the release of TranSight 3.0, the newest version of our transportation software. TranSight integrates travel demand model data into its analysis, showing the total economic and demographic effects of transportation infrastructure projects. For training on the new changes to TranSight, please take part in our TranSight Training […]

REMI 2009 Users’ Conference: Portland, Oregon

We wish to thank all of our guest speakers and attendees for joining us in Portland last week for our 24th annual REMI Users’ Conference. We were fortunate to have an array of topics presented and discussed. We invite you to look over the presentations that were given during the sessions and we hope to […]

REMI and Onvia ARRA Results Outlined in Constructech

This article examines the results of ARRA spending, including the REMI/Onvia estimates of construction spending benefits. Click here to read the article.

REMI and the Pittsburgh Population Forecast

Recent demographic forecasts by the University of Pittsburgh using the REMI model indicate an upcoming turnaround in the city’s declining population numbers. Continue reading

AASHTO calls for Transportation Spending

AASHTO Press Release Click Here

2008 Sante Fe Users’ Conference


REMI Presenting at FTA’s Revenue Estimating Conference 9/26

REMI Economist Peter Evangelakis, Ph.D., will give a presentation on dynamic revenue analysis at the Federation of Tax Administrators’ 2017...
Read More
Dr. Treyz to Present on Infrastructure Investment at NABE

Dr. Treyz to Present on Infrastructure Investment at NABE

REMI Chief Economist participating in a session titled “Prioritizing Infrastructure Investment”
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The Economics of Renewable Energy

The Economics of Renewable Energy

  In December 2015, Congress extended federal wind and solar tax credits, providing support for growing renewable energy industries. The...
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Minimum Wage Stirs Maximum Controversy

Minimum Wage Stirs Maximum Controversy

There's no magic bullet to solve thorny policy questions. Minimum wage is an increasingly popular way to tackle income stagnation...
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Ann Arbor Transportation and Economic Development Conference

Ann Arbor Transportation and Economic Development Conference

REMI users and economic analysts recently gathered in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a conference on transportation and economic development. Presenters used the REMI model to forecast the impacts of changes in demographics, tax policy, and infrastructure in the Great Lakes region.
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