Transportation Forecasting and Planning


TranSight is the leading tool for evaluating the total economic effects of changes to transportation systems. The tool, grounded in over 20 years of transportation modeling experience, provides an integrated system for comprehensive evaluation of transportation systems. This approach allows analysts to more fully describe the far-reaching economic and operational effects of transportation projects. As with PI+, TranSight is used by government agencies, consulting firms, and universities.

Integrating economics with travel demand modeling, TranSight dynamically demonstrates how transportation makes economies competitive. With TranSight, users test alternative transportation changes and are able to
observe the short, and long-term impact on jobs, income, population, and other economic variables.

TranSight drives home a single message: transportation is the locomotive of economic growth. By showing the effects of transportation improvement on jobs and economic development, TranSight gives you a voice in setting
legislative priorities.

TranSight is a sophisticated modeling tool that integrates travel demand models with the REMI model, and is constructed with extensive data on emissions, safety valuation factors, and other data.

Major research and development efforts at REMI have resulted in the inclusion of “New Economic Geography” in a system that meaningfully describes how transportation improvements affect the competitive advantage of cities and regions.

REMI TranSight

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