Regina, Saskatchewan – November 15, 2011

Regina, Saskatchewan

November 15, 2011
“Evaluating Economic Development, Transportation, Energy and Natural Resource Management Policies on the Economy and the Environment”
Presented by Dr. Mark D’Amato, Senior Economist, and Christopher Judson, Assistant Economist, REMI

The Hotel Saskatchewan
2125 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 0S3

The seminar topics will include:

    • Strategies and Analysis for Economic Development Using REMI PI+
          This is a comprehensive introduction to the REMI family of models. Using REMI’s PI


          , we will evaluate the economic and demographic affects of a policy. What will adding a new industry to a region do to the economy? Alternatively, what affects will the addition of an infrastructure project have on long-term economic growth? PI


         provides the answer to these sorts of policy development questions.

    • Transportation and Economic Development: Evaluating Transportation Improvement Projects
        It is easy to estimate jobs from construction—however, what happens when the orange cones disappear? Our discussion includes project prioritization as well as regional economic impacts over time. Topics include transportation network change (travel demand), benefit/cost analysis, population change, and economic development.

    • Evaluating Border Effects on Energy, Natural Resources and Tourism
        Environmental policies and renewable energy demand sources are reshaping international consumption trends. How will an increase in demand on renewable energy and specific natural resources affect production costs, employment and population trends? How will stringent performance standards and a phase-out of coal-fired power plants impact the tourism industry?

At REMI, our goal is to improve public policy. The information presented at this seminar will enable you to make more detailed and efficient forecasts about the economic effects of policy changes. There is no charge to attend this event; however, space is limited and advanced registration is required.