Block 1: Output and Demand

State and Local Government Employment and Final Demand

Description of methodology for predicting state government employment and final demand separately from local demand for the forecast period.

Predicting State and Local Government Demand in Local Regions Based on Changes in Economic and Demographic

This paper describes the new state and local government demand equations for PI+ v1. The new equations consider changes in both the economic and demographic conditions of the local region when predicting state and local government demand.

Predicted Revenue & Expenditure Effects

Description of methodology for predicting revenue and expenditure effects in Policy Insight models with state configurations.

Consumption Elasticities

Comparison of consumption elasticity between PI+ v1 and PI v9.5. v1.

The Structural Consumption Equation for REMI Policy Insight Version 9.5

This paper describes the new REMI consumption equation for Policy Insight version 9.5 which replaces the earlier formulation of Treyz and Petraglia (2001). The new equation encompasses all aspects of the earlier equation, and is updated and improved in several important ways. The significant improvement in the new equation is to link each consumption category to changes in population by age group.

Consumption Equations for a Multiregional Forecasting and Policy Analysis Model

The paper is part of a book which contains contributions from friends of Ben Stevens, remembering and celebrating his life and his work. Following his untimely death, a set of special sessions were organized for the program of the November 1998 meetings of the Regional Science Association International, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico.