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This study examines the effects of closing a major seaport in the Pacific Northwest. Three closures are studied: the Port of Seattle/Tacoma, the Port of Portland, and all the ports of Alaska.

The objective of this paper is to measure the impact of public postsecondary centers and institues (C&Is) on the employment and economic output on Florida's economy.

This study simulates the potential benefits of free trade with Cuba to the U.S. economy. The purpose of this study it to estimate benefits of lifting economic sanctions with respect to Cuba on both the U.S. and Cuba economies with a twenty-year quantitative forecast for the U.S. economy.

The purpose of this study to to assess the economic, demographic and fiscal impacts of closing Hill AFB on the state of Utah and the Davis/Weber region.

This work attempts to quantify the combined economic importance of the military in North Carolina.

This report summarizes the employment, income, and population impacts of increases in the oil and gas (mining), tourism (services and retail), federal government, and agricultural sectors.

Boston's first-ever political convention, the Democratic National Convention of 2004, is expected to deliver sizeable economic and fiscal benefit to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the five-county metropolitan area, and the City of Boston. This paper attempts to quantify the economic impact, that is, the value-added to Gross Regional Product (GRP) or the dollar value of additional goods and services produced in the region, of such a large convention on the five-county metropolitan area that includes Suffolk, Norfolk, Middlesex, Essex and Plymouth counties and fiscal (tax) impact on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Boston.

This study has two distinct purposes: (1) to estimate the employment and economic contributions of Toyota's manufacturer-related operations (defined in this analysis as: manufacturing, marketing, distribution, research, development and design, headquarters, and all other operational activities within the company) and dealer-related operations to the nation as a whole and fourteen individual states, and (2) to forecast an estimate of the employment and economic impact of the recently announced vehicle manufacturing facility in San Antonio, Texas to the economy of the State of Texas.

For a hundred years, Paper manufacturing has been the mainstay of the economy of Coos County and New Hampshire's Great North Woods. But now the region's residents are contemplating the possibility of a Coos County future without paper. This study examines the impact that these latest plant closings will have on the county's economy.

With limited public resources to stimulate sustainable economic development, the national and regional governments of the European Union must spend their funds in the most effective way possible. Due to the complexity of regional economies, the total short-, medium-, and long-run effects of alternative policies are difficult to determine. Therefore even economic experts need a quantified model that predicts how the direct effects of specific policies affect the total regional economy over time.

Over the years there has been increasing public comment from the hotel/gaming sector of Nevada's economy regarding growth and its effect on taxation. Nevada's tax structure is pointedly designed to use gaming as a primary source of income for services, allowing its citizens to enjoy a relatively low per capita direct cost of taxes. Many times during recent years the gaming lobby has proposed changes in the basic tax structure of the state. This has been met with varying degrees of success. The gaming industry has attempted to prove that because of the basic tax structure, and the reliance by the state on its revenue from gaming, growth by any other business sector costs gaming additional dollars not in proportion to the tax structure. This paper discusses some of the other possible ways to look at this issue.

The Cities of Livermore and Pleasanton in Alameda County, in addition to the City of San Ramon and the Town of Danville in Contra Costa County, have voter initiatives in upcoming elections that would restrict residential construction. The Citizens' Alliance for Public Planning (CAPP), a grass roots organization in these four cities, has sponsored referendums on upcoming ballots which would generally require special elections for residential projects over a specified number of units. In order to better understand the long-term, regional implications of these residential construction control initiatives, the Economic Development Alliance for Business (EDAB) retained Economics Research Associates (ERA) to analyze the impact of the four cities' initiatives on the East Bay regional economy.

The research in this paper is based upon work sponsored by the Onondaga Lake Management Conference. This is the second in a series of reports done for the conference to help it identify the economic and fiscal impacts of various lake remediation plans under consideration. This particular one focuses on a review of the history of the Onondaga County economy and a forecast of future economic activity.

This analysis estimates the impact of closing the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on the State of New Hampshire.

This paper estimates the impacts of the visitors of the Sail Boston 2000 festivities and their spending. Approximately 2.2 million visitors will attend with 2 million of them day-trippers from around the Greater Boston region and 200,000 coming from out-of-town around New England and beyond to stay in hotels or with friends and relatives. An estimated 10,000 of the out-of-towners will be international visitors, mainly sailors from the Tall Ships, themselves.

The focus of this study is on analyzing the economic benefits to three regional economies of new shopping center development based on specific details for three economic regions (Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), City Area, Suburb Area), and 4 types of shopping centers (Regional Mall, Power Center, Lifestyle Center, and Community Center). Expenditures on construction and equipment during the construction phase, and employment during the operational phase, differed by economic region and type of shopping center.

The State of Kansas and communities adjacent to Fort Riley will confront a number of unique challenges and planning obstacles due to the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process as well as the return of the "Big Red One" to Fort Riley. This technical report details the economic and demographic implications of Installation Growth at Fort Riley, Kansas.

This report evaluates the economic effects of three separately sized life science facility constructions in the State of California.

This report examines the economic impact of raising the minimum wage rate in Maryland to several proposed rates.

This study provides projections for population growth in the various counties of Nevada over a twenty year period, including projections which account for the impact of a Tesla battery factory opening up in Storey County.

This study provides projections for population growth in the various counties of Nevada over a twenty year period from 2015 to 2034.

This study provides an analysis of the proposed sports development and associated commercial developments to be located in the southwest corner of the Interstate 10 and State Road 59 intersection in Lloyd, Florida.

This appendix studies the economic impact of the San Diego Regional Plan, which is a roadmap of transportation and housing initiatives in that region through 2050.

This study analyses the use of tax credits to spur research and development investments in the state of California.

This study provides an economic analysis of the proposed sports development and associated commercial and residential developments to be located near Branan Field Road in unincorporated Clay County.

This document details the process used by the Metropolitan Council for the Twin Cities area in its economic and land use forecasts.

This report provides an assessment of the Kansas City region's economic health and offers a framework for future increased economic performance.

This is a study of the economic contribution of Montana craft brewing to Montana’s economy.

This paper provides a summary of the recent economic history and the foreseeable economic future of the metropolitan Kansas City area.

This study examines regional population growth in eastern Montana based on four potential levels of future oil production in that region.

This paper details the long-term economic and demographic forecast for the state of Michigan through 2040.

The purpose of this study is to estimate the total economic benefits of walking and biking in the state of Vermont.

This report, prepared for the Salt River Project (SRP) and the Navajo Nation, examines the direct, indirect and induced economic impact of Navajo Generating Station (NGS) and Kayenta Mine, individually and in aggregate, for the period 2011-2044, at county and state level.

This study analyzes how economic development strategies could re-orient Long Island towards sustainable prosperity.

This report examines the impact of two proposed ordinances that would modify the regulation of short-term rentals in San Francisco.

This report shows the local economic impact of housing development.