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Energy powers our economy. Electricity keeps our machines humming; gas and oil drive our vehicles and fly our airplanes; and many sources of BTU’s heat and cool our homes, schools, offices, and factories.

Energy-generating industries are an important input to other industries as well as a sector in their own right. Energy analyses therefore often focus on the total economic impact of changing electric rates, introducing new power sources, and investing in the production of energy.

Efforts to protect the environment may have wide-reaching economic consequences. REMI is known for expertise in demonstrating the total macroeconomic effects of environmental policies.

Studies include analysis of feebates, renewable portfolio standards, and cap-and-trade policies.

Since the utility and broader energy sector are highly regulated, accurate economic analysis is vital in informing public policy. Utility and other regulators trust the credibility of REMI studies, and private companies know that REMI provides the answers they need.

REMI projects range from studies on the effects of rate changes to economic development impacts of utilities and energy-related industries.